Olga Kalyuzhnaya
President of the association
Alexey Zhelneyev
Emeritus president
Andrey Goncharov
First vice President of the Association
Alexander Onuchin
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Director of the Forest Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
«Participation in the board of the association of timber industrialists will make it possible to put into practice the enormous amount of information that the V.N. Sukachev Forest Institute has. Our cooperation will serve as a good step for the development of the industry.».
Vladimir Arkhipov
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Honored Arborist of the Russian Federation.
«The forest industry is becoming more and more technological every year, therefore, for the development of the industry, quality restoration and respect for nature, a scientific approach is needed. I am sure that my experience and knowledge will benefit the Russian «Forest Association»».
Nikolayev Nikolay
Deputy of the State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property, Land and Property Relations.
«The association provides an opportunity to build a dialogue with forest industry on a qualitatively new level. And this allows us to develop law projects, taking into account both — the interests of the state and the opinion of industry representatives».
Ruslan Provodnikov
Public figure. Curator of the Association’s social initiatives.
«Being a person who linked his life with sports, I experienced first-hand the colossal role of professional associations in helping athletes. In the forest industry, the association serves as a liaison for all market players, and its effectiveness is key to the development of the entire industry».