About the «Russian Forest» Association

The national association of timber industry "Russian Forest" was founded in 2013. The emergence of "Russian Forest" was the result of the merger of logging, processing and logistics companies in the Russian forest industry. The unifying idea for each individual company was concern for the environment, and a fundamental understanding of the realities of the industry was a mandatory attribute. All this made it possible to form the position of the professional community, to find a connection between the timber merchants, the executive and legislative authorities of the Russian Federation, and to begin fruitful work at a fundamentally new level.

Together with the relevant Committees of the State Duma, the Federal Forestry Agency, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the association carries out activities aimed at improving legislation. Participation in parliamentary hearings, meetings of working groups and other advisory bodies makes it possible to form a unified position of the professional community and defend the interests of timber merchants. With the assistance of the "Russian Forest" фssociation, the "National Forest Forum" is held annually, bringing together representatives of all parties interested in the effective use of Russia's heritage - the forest.

The very presence of the association within the industry makes it possible to make relations between the state and the timber industry more structured, which has a positive effect on the business component of the industry. On the other hand, this makes it possible to better control the work and optimize every single process within the industry.

Article 30 of the Russian Federation Constitution

1. Everyone has the right to association, including the right to form trade unions to protect their interests. The freedom of activity of public associations is guaranteed.

2. No one can be forced to join or stay in any association.

Olga Kalyuzhnaya
President of the association
«Timber enterprises face difficulties in building a dialogue with the authorities, and especially in the process of going through various permit procedures and paperwork. One of the main tasks of the Association is the constant information and consulting support of the members of the Association at all stages of their activities».
Alexey Zhelneyev
Emeritus president
He headed the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» in 2018.
«After going through all the stages of work in the forest industry, I clearly see the main problems and challenges that the industry faces today. This experience has already allowed to formulate the position of the professional community and find a connection between it and the legislature. And in the next few years, it will also help to find new directions in the development of the association and the entire industry».
Andrey Goncharov
First vice President of the Association
Right now it is very important to ensure the consolidation of timber industry to participate in the formation of favorable economic, legal and other conditions for the development of the industry, ensuring effective economic growth, social and environmental security of the country. It is planned to implement this using the cluster mechanism.