Meeting of the Expert Advisory Council for the forest complex

April 24, a meeting of the Expert Advisory Council for the forest complex was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The Russian Forest Association was represented at the meeting by its first vice-president, member of the Council, Andrey Goncharov. The central topic of the meeting was the creation of the Competence Center for scientific, design and educational development of the forest industry.

Tatiana Gigel, member of the Federation Council, Chairman of the Expert Advisory Council: «The idea of creating such a Center and the understanding of its necessity arose among forest industry specialists and our experts. We started discussing this issue at various venues back in 2021. The serious dependence of all branches of the forest complex on imported equipment, spare parts, consumables, chemical and other materials, the lack of scientific, technical and innovative development of even competitive industries, the insufficient quality of training of senior and middle managers, and an elementary shortage of specialists were already clear» .

As noted by the members of the Council, work in the field of staffing the forest complex is already underway at industry universities, colleges and within the framework of the Council for Professional Qualifications. However, to solve all the problems of the forest industry, it is necessary to combine human and technical potential, which is possible only through the creation of a Competence Center.

Tatiana Gigel emphasized the importance of improving forest supply, improving forest legislation, developing biofuel projects, wooden housing construction and supporting manufacturers of equipment for the forest industry.

The event was attended by senators of the Russian Federation, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the professional community.