The Federation Council discussed the change in the strategy for the development of the forest complex until 2030

On February 13, the Expert Advisory Council for the Forestry Complex under the relevant Committee of the Federation Council held a meeting on the preparation of additions and amendments to the Strategy for the Development of the Forestry Complex of the Russian Federation until 2030. The Russian Forest Association was represented at the meeting by First Vice-President Andrey Goncharov.

The current strategy for the development of the timber industry complex was approved on February 11, 2021, the amendments are dictated by the change in the macroeconomic situation and sanctions pressure. It should be reminded that on February 10, the President of the Russian Federation held a meeting in Arkhangelsk on the development of the timber industry complex, during which strategic decisions were made to support timber processing enterprises.

Andrey Goncharov, First Vice President of the Russian Forest Association: “The Expert Advisory Council is an effective platform for professional and constructive dialogue, developing proposals that will improve the efficiency of the forestry complex and ensure its independence from external factors. The strategy update also takes into account the proposals of the Russian Forest association - from supporting small businesses to creating clusters for housing construction and sawmilling in the federal districts..

All proposals based on the results of the discussion will be analyzed and sent to the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Expert Advisory Council is a permanent advisory body under the Parliamentary Committee, which brings together representatives of the professional community of the timber industry. The council is headed by the senator of the Russian Federation, Tatyana Anatolyevna Gigel.