"Russian Forest" became part of the scientific consortium "Yakutsk Model Forest"

The Arctic State Agrotechnological University (ASATU) has presented a program for participation in Priority 2030, the largest state program to support universities, aimed at increasing the country's competitiveness in the field of education, science and technology. We are pleased to announce that the Russian Forest Association has become part of this scientific project!

Olga Kalyuzhnaya, President of the Russian Forest Association: “Joint participation in the Arctic University project is an excellent opportunity for all members of the consortium to contribute to the development of new technologies that will benefit the entire industry, as well as to quickly implement these technologies in business ».

The development program prepared by ASATU includes the implementation of two strategic projects:

  • "Yakut Model Forest" - scientific support for the restoration of degraded soils and sagging shores, mitigation of the consequences of forest fires, an increase in the area of planting and restoration of forests, providing personnel for forest industry enterprises, etc.;
  • "Center for the Transformation of Traditional Industries of the North" - increasing the number of jobs in traditional animal husbandry and hunting, as well as the number of family and tribal farms in traditional industries, improving the employment of graduates, etc.

The Yakut Model Forest project is being implemented in partnership with the Voronezh State Forest Engineering University, the Institute of Permafrost Science of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences IMZ, the Almas Forestry Complex, the Russian Forest National Association of Timber Manufacturers and the Lestekh Association.