The «Responsible forest user» prize was awarded in Syktyvkar

Within the framework of the National Forestry Forum, the winners of the «Russian Forest» Federal Award were awarded in the nomination «Responsible forest user».

Three enterprises became laureates in Komi. All of them are leaders of the region's forest industry.

«The National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» is a public organization and acts exclusively in the public interest. Therefore, we consider it our duty to celebrate and draw attention to those who are responsible for the use of forest resources. I am glad that the companies of the industry are consciously aware of the understanding of the rationality of the Russian forestry complex. Keep it up!», —the vice-president of the association Sergey Pakhalyuk said at the awards ceremony.


JSC «Mondi Syktyvkar LPK» is the largest paper manufacturer in Russia. The plant specializes in the production of office and offset paper, produces newsprint, containerboard and market pulp. The most famous brand of the company is office paper «Snegurochka». In Russia, the lease area of the company's forest areas amounts to 2 million hectares; logging in 2018 amounted to 4.9 million cubic meters per year.

LLC «Luzales» is one of the largest Komi enterprises. It Harvests wood on assortment technology. The company sells a full production cycle - from harvesting and hauling timber to deep processing and marketing of finished forest products. «Luzales» is committed to creating waste-free production, has a modern plant for the production of fuel pellets, manufactures and supplies processors for wood chips, and includes sawmill waste in the energy balance of the enterprise. The company has implemented an investment project for the modernization of timber processing infrastructure. As part of the project, a new sawmill shop, a boiler room, and a planed stock production plant were built.

LLC «Pechoraenergoresurs» is engaged in deep processing of forest resources. The enterprise is based on the concept of a fully vertically integrated company that controls the production chains of wood processing, ranging from direct long-term forest lease, own logging, waste-free processing of timber, including green mass, and ending with direct sales of finished products in the target markets. The company has implemented an investment project for the creation of a wood processing plant for innovative deep wood processing. Due to this, a sawmill production, a workshop for the production of glued furniture board, a workshop for the production of essential oil from needles, a line for the production of fuel pellets with a capacity of 35 thousand tons per year were established in Troitsko-Pechorsk; boiler room, drying equipment.

The winning companies make a significant contribution to solving the tasks of developing the timber industry complex both in the Komi Republic and in the whole of the Russian Federation, and also meet the criteria for rational forest management in the areas of their presence.

The National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» ( pays special attention to responsible forest management and established the federal timber industry award of the same name in the nomination «Responsible forest user» to attract the attention of the public and industry participants to environmental and social responsibility of forest management.