Flood victims of the Irkutsk region may be allocated out of turn for construction wood

With such an initiative came the Legislative Assembly of the region.

According to the chairman of the regional parliament, Sergei Sokol, this measure is of great importance for citizens who have suffered serious material damage as a result of flooding in June of this year.

These are several thousand families. It is important to repeal that this law is not one-time: it provides an effective mechanism for supporting citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation; all those who lost their homes due to fires, floods and other natural disasters, - Sergey Sokol said.

The bill provides for the allocation of 155 cubic meters of wood at the minimum price established by a decree of the Government of Russia. Affected construction material will provide out of turn and in a simplified manner. To get it, you need a minimum of documents. Citizens will also be able to receive compensation for the costs of logging and wood processing.

In addition, the bill introduces the concept of "building a city (rural) estate with the possibility of agricultural use of the land". It includes the construction of a dwelling house, the placement of household outbuildings and other auxiliary facilities. A prerequisite is the location of the land outside the territory at risk of occurrence of rapidly developing dangerous natural and man-made processes.