The best oncologists of Russia and Japan came to Irkutsk

On August 5, the forum «International Baikal School of Japanese Medicine» opened in Irkutsk, which brought together the best doctors of Russia and Japan in the field of oncology. Within three days, experts will give lectures, seminars and master classes, discuss innovative technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Japanese and Russian oncologists gather in the Irkutsk region for more than 15 years. The results of cooperation are obvious: over the past few years, the rate of detection of diseases in the early stages has significantly increased, as a result, the number of deaths has decreased. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2018 during the clinical examination more than 199 thousand cases of diseases were revealed in Russia, more than half of which were found in the first and second stages.

International cooperation in the field of oncology is of great value - especially for young professionals who are just starting their work and can familiarize themselves with the latest technologies, master advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.

The fight against cancer has long been a matter of national importance. From 2020, on behalf of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, medical workers will begin to reward for the detection of cancer during medical examination.

 «The National Association «Russian Forest» pays great attention to socially significant projects, — the vice president of the association Margarita Lee emphasizes. — Thanks to the cooperation of Russian and Japanese oncologists, more and more diseases can be detected in the early stages - and these are hundreds of saved lives. Russian Forest will continue to sponsor similar events».