Personnel issues of the LPK were discussed at Expocentre

On November 21, at Expocenter, Senator Tatyana Gigel held a meeting of the Expert Advisory Council on the Forestry Sector under the Federation Council Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management. The meeting was held jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and was devoted to the problems of training personnel for the timber industry.

According to estimates made at the meeting, there is a significant personnel shortage in the industry: over 34,000 employees are missing. The situation was particularly serious in logging. The best situation with personnel in the timber industry is at pulp and paper enterprises and furniture production.

According to Tatyana Gigel, the problem of staff shortages can be solved by increasing the prestige of forestry professions by increasing the salaries of industry workers, providing them with housing and social services.

According to a study of the labor market in the forestry industry conducted by HeadHunter, the market range of salaries in the industry across the country is now 55–114.9 thousand rubles. Over the year, the salary increased by 13,000 rubles. In the first nine months of 2023, Russian companies posted more than 42,000 vacancies in the forest industry and wood processing - this is 34% more than last year.

For the purpose of training personnel within the framework of the federal educational project “Professionalism,” educational and production clusters have already opened and continue to open in different parts of Russia, in which new educational programs are being introduced, including in the field of the forestry complex. Turnkey colleges are focused on the industry training model to meet the needs of industry labor markets and specific enterprises. For this purpose, educational institutions and timber industry enterprises sign partnership agreements on the training of specialists. Separate impact projects are aimed at training highly qualified personnel in the forest industry in forest regions.