«Russian Forest» Association became a member of the RUIE

In accordance with the decision of the Bureau of the Management Board dated October 15, the «Russian Forest» Association was admitted to the All-Russian Association of Employers «Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs» (RUIE).

Andrey Goncharov, Vice President of the «Russian Forest» Association, commented on this decision:

«With the expansion of the territory of presence of members of the «Russian Forest» Association, we understand the importance of effective interaction with the largest business associations. In this difficult time, it is necessary to consolidate efforts for the benefit of the development of the forestry complex of our country.

Let me remind you that we are defending the interests of small and medium-sized businesses engaged in the forestry sector at the «Support of Russia» platform, where, on our initiative, the Commission for the Timber Industry and Forestry was created.

Interaction with the RUIE will allow to consolidate the largest timber producers in our country and develop a common position on problematic issues in the forestry sector.

RUIE is an all-Russian organization that represents the interests of business circles both in Russia and at the international level. The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs includes more than a hundred industry and regional associations representing key sectors of the economy».