Meeting of the Expert Advisory Council for the Forestry Complex

On February 19, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management Tatyana Gigel held a meeting of the Expert Advisory Council on the Forestry Sector under the profile committee of the Federation Council. The central topic of the meeting was the situation of plywood producers under economic sanctions.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, as well as heads of the largest companies producing plywood for export. The Russian Timber Association was represented at the meeting by its first vice-president, member of the Council Andrey Goncharov.

Tatiana Gigel, Senator of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Expert Advisory Council on the Forestry Sector: “Plywood producers in Russia found themselves in a more difficult situation than other sub-sectors of the timber industry, since for many years they were focused on Western markets.”.

Heads of specialized companies made a number of proposals to support the industry:

  • Boris Frenkel (Sveza company) gave an overview of the situation on the plywood market;
  • Stepan Ignatov (North-Western Timber Company) drew attention to the inadequacy of existing support measures and proposed the minimum necessary actions on the part of the state in the current difficult situation;
  • Ilya Korotkov (Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Mill) made proposals from manufacturers to synchronize the actions of the state and business in entering new markets.

Irina Kashirina, director for foreign trade support and customs administration of the Russian Export Center: “In the current conditions, cargo processing in the customs territory promises great benefits. At the same time, the procedure for minimizing import duties on equipment is not only possible, but also necessary.”.