All-Russian Forest Planting Days

In May, All-Russian Forest Planting Days start across the country - an annual environmental event that began at the end of the 19th century. Arbor Days were first celebrated in late April - early May 1898 in honor of the centenary of the Russian Forestry Department. The action was also carried out during Soviet times. So, in 1920, the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky took part in it.

In modern Russia, this tradition was revived in 2011 on the initiative of the Federal Forestry Agency. In many forest districts of our country, in cities and small towns, tree planting cleanups are held.

The environmental campaign “Forest of the Future” will take place in the Moscow region on May 18, it will be held as part of the international campaign “Garden of Memory”. 16 forest sites were prepared for the event participants.

The central site this year is located near the Ozeretsky district forestry district in the Dmitrov urban district.

Everyone can take part in the promotion. And forestry departments take upon themselves the identification of areas for planting, prepare the soil, and provide planting material and equipment.