Sergey Pakhalyuk appointed as vice-president of the «Russian Forest» association

In this position he will be engaged in several directions at once. In particular, the vice-president of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» faces the global task of consolidating timber dealers for effective dialogue with government bodies. «Without a qualitative dialogue between business and government, without seeing the real situation directly through the eyes of industry participants, attempts to establish efficient forest management will be unproductive», — says Sergey Pakhalyuk.

The second important area of work is the development of the initiative to develop a domestic system of voluntary forest certification. «The Association supports the idea of creating a Russian system of voluntary certification. This is a difficult and long process, but, in the end, it is our economic security», — said the vice-president of the association.

Another topic that Sergey Pakhalyuk will deal with is the unification of industry participants to help improve the competitiveness of companies, strengthening their positions in the domestic and foreign markets.


Sergey Pakhalyuk graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the St. Petersburg State University, as well as the Forestry Department of the Bratsk State University. He studied modern technologies and equipment of the forestry complex and forestry. He was engaged in the development of high-yield mass segment in Sberbank of Russia, and also participated in the organization of such major sporting events as the World Cup in 2018, the 29th World Winter Universiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk, working in the Ministry of Sports of Russia. In addition, Sergey is studying media economics at Moscow State University, where he is currently writing his dissertation.

He has extensive experience in the field of economics and finance, and, not least, in the field of management and communications.