Fitness marathon dedicated to Children's Day took place in Krasnoyarsk

May 31st, in Krasnoyarsk there was a fitness marathon «Day of Champions», dedicated to the International Children's Day. The partner of the event was the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest».

The holiday gathered almost 1.5 thousand athletes and guests. 45 teams consisting of schoolchildren, children from kindergartens, teachers and parents took part in the competition.

The theme of the fitness marathon was designated as: «The present creates the future!». In addition to a rich sports program, the guests of the holiday also waited for the concert - the performance of the vocal group of the Palace of Creativity «The Coast of Childhood». Demonstration performances on judo, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball and volleyball.

Start participants performed in the following nominations:

  • Pupils of kindergartens (from 5 to 7 years);
  • students of educational institutions (from 8 to 16 years);
  • “Mom, grandmother and I are a fitness family” (children and parents);
  • “Fitness for all” (children and teachers of the institution);
  • teachers and employees of educational institutions;
  • cadets and students of the Academy of Emergencies.

The organizers created several thematic areas of the holiday. Adolescents aged 12–16 could compete in a power biathlon (bench press and deadlift). For them, the site worked «Strong spirit». Children of 5-8 years old waited for the mini-football tournament «Our football hope!». Boys and girls 10-12 years old passed the first medical aid baton «Toddlers rush to help!». Also the «Today children are tomorrow people!» race for cadets of the 1st year of the Academy of Emergencies.

Each participant of the fitness marathon was awarded with memorable prizes and a medal. The winning teams received diplomas and cups.