Tomsk specialists have figured out how to convert wooden houses to the highest energy efficiency class

Researchers from Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering have found a way to move to a new technological level of thermal protection of wooden houses. Scientists propose using a multilayer diagonal frame system with effective insulation. This design of walls and ceilings is sheathed on both sides with non-combustible material, ensuring fire safety, high heat and sound insulation. This reduces thermal energy consumption without increasing construction costs, and the resulting structures receive an A++ energy saving class. According to experts, the growth of the wooden housing construction market makes their development relevant for all regions of the country.

Olga Kalyuzhnaya, President of the Russian Forest Association:

“The development of wooden housing construction is one of the key areas of the strategy for the development of the Russian forestry complex until 2030. This could become the main driver for the development of the domestic market. Currently, 31 investment projects are being implemented in 18 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, within the framework of which the production of elements for wooden housing construction is carried out: these are sets of prefabricated houses, windows and doors, CLT panels, laminated veneer lumber and other structures. The total investment volume is 42.5 billion rubles.”

The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation has planned to expand the scope of use of steel and wooden building materials to stimulate their demand in the domestic market. These measures are designed to stimulate construction from CLT, laminated timber and SIP panels.

Mechanisms for resolving this issue are already included in the road map developed by the Ministry of Construction, calculated until the end of 2024. However, the department notes that most of the results will be obtained and implemented into the regulatory framework by the end of this year.