Meeting on the implementation of measures aimed at supporting deep wood processing

At the end of April, a meeting was held in the Federation Council on the implementation of measures aimed at supporting the deep mechanical processing of wood industries. The event was held by Tatyana Gigel, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agricultural and Food Policy and Environmental Management. Representatives of federal executive authorities, industry enterprises and business associations took part in it. The Russian Timber Association was presented by its first vice-president Andrey Goncharov.

Meeting participants discussed the following measures developed during the meeting of the Council for the Development of the Forestry Sector of the Russian Federation, which took place in 2023 as part of the 34th international exhibition “Furniture, fittings, upholstery materials”:

  • issues of customs and tariff policy in relation to products of the Russian timber industry complex and friendly countries;
  • questions about maintaining the level of charitable subsidy funding for the plywood industry;
  • removal of phytosanitary barriers;
  • measures aimed at ensuring technological sovereignty in the field of machinery and equipment park of the timber industry complex of the Russian Federation;
  • development of the domestic market for furniture products, including through the adoption of legislative decisions to include in the mortgage loan the cost of inseparable improvements (windows, doors and built-in furniture made in Russia);
  • increase in the permissible weight of a six-axle or more road train when transporting forest products from November to April and from June to September from 44 to 55 tons.

These topics, citizens Tatyana Gigel, are under the control of the Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council, Chairman of the Council on the Forestry Complex of the Russian Federation under the Council of the Development Federation Yuri Vorobyov.

As a result of the discussion, the support measures were bottlenecks. To optimize them, proposals will be prepared, which will be considered in July 2024 in the Arkhangelsk region at a visiting meeting of the Council on the Forestry Sector of the Russian Federation under the Federation Council.