«Russian Forest» will become an organizing partner of the «Upward Motion» forum

On October 26 in Irkutsk in the building of the art factory «Dorenberg» the «Upward Motion» educational forum will take place.

For 700 guests of the forum, journalists, bloggers, businessmen, musicians, artists and public figures will perform: Zbignev Yanits, Anton Paymyshev, Guzel Sanzhapova, Sergey Mayarenkov, Dmitry Miromanov, Elizaveta Stepanova, Anastasia Shipitsina, Ilya Varlamov, the GROT group, Dmitry Markov and Vanya Usovich .

The speakers will tell you how to launch a business in the region and scale it across the country, how to build a strong personal brand, how to implement projects that will make life in the city more comfortable and interesting, and also create a city brand that will appeal to residents and tourists.

During the forum, participants will be able to apply for participation in the competition and make their project on one of the topics discussed above. Winners will receive half a million rubles for the implementation of their ideas.