Rosstat recorded an absolute record for the construction of housing made of wood

In 2023, 15.6 million m2 of wooden housing were built in the Russian Federation - this is a record in the entire history of observations (since 2009). In addition to the record in wooden construction, the maximum was also recorded in the commissioning of housing using monolithic technology, stone and brick. These data were presented by Rosstat.

Statistics of commissioning wooden housing:

  • in 2009 - 7.5 million m2;
  • from 2010 to 2018 - from 6.7 million to 8.3 million m2;
  • since 2019, the commissioning of wooden houses began to grow systematically, and in 2020 the figure amounted to 9.3 million m2;
  • in 2021 - 10.8 million m2;
  • in 2022 - 14.2 million m2.

At the end of last year, the commissioning of wooden housing exceeded 15.6 million m2, having increased by 9.8% over the year, and by 44.4% over two years. The share of wooden house construction at the end of 2023 is about 14%.

In 2023, the share of wooden houses in the suburban construction segment was even higher and amounted to 30–35%. At the same time, the general structure of wooden housing construction in Russia is dominated by houses within 120 m2, frame or made of laminated veneer lumber, with floors and internal partitions made of wood.

Experts note that the high interest in wooden houses is due to their lower cost compared to apartments, the availability of preferential mortgages and the variety of standard projects.