Russia and Belarus are integrating wood accounting systems

On November 29, a meeting of the Intergovernmental Council on the Timber Industry Complex and Forestry among the CIS member countries was held in Minsk. Rosleskhoz and the Ministry of Forestry of Belarus plan to conclude an agreement on cooperation in the field of integration of wood accounting information systems. The departments continue to study issues of bilateral cooperation between states in the field of forestry, which began in 2022.

Vyacheslav Spirenkov, Deputy Head of Rosleskhoz: “The purpose of our agreement is the mutual exchange of wood accounting information, so that information about wood that is transported from Russia to Belarus and from Belarus to Russia is transmitted automatically, without the participation of people. Both countries need to know how much wood is being transported for more efficient cooperation between timber industry complexes.”.

The head of the production and sales department of the Belarusian Ministry of Forestry, Andrei Matskevich, noted that the Unified State Automated Information System (USAIS) operating in the republic makes it possible to control all stages of the movement of timber and keep records of them. Currently, the Unified State Automated Information System accounts for about 13.5 million m³ of wood.

At the meeting, they also noted the importance of interaction between the forestry departments of the CIS countries on other issues of cooperation in the field of forestry - in particular, in the fight against forest fires, pests and forest diseases.