A pilot project on forest management in the Arkhangelsk region has shown its effectiveness and will be scaled up

In the Arkhangelsk region, preliminary results of a pilot project for co-financing forest management work have been summed up. According to the regional Ministry of Natural Resources and Timber Industry, in 2023 field and desk work was carried out on an area of 9 million hectares, of which 1.4 million hectares were supported by forest users. For 2024, work is planned on an area of 7.1 million hectares, including 2.9 million hectares in leased areas.

Preliminary results of the pilot project were considered at a meeting of the Council for the Development of the Forestry Complex of the Russian Federation under the Federation Council.

Igor Muraev, Minister of Natural Resources and Timber Industry of the Arkhangelsk Region: “By the end of 2024, the relevance of information on forest management in the region will reach 93%. It is important to note that all materials will be entered in digital format into the Federal State Information System of the Forestry Complex. According to our data, an increase in the estimated logging area in the region is expected from 27.8 to 30 million cubic meters. It is predicted that revenue to budgets of all levels will increase by 180 million rubles.”.

The Minister emphasized that the mechanism for co-financing forest management work, which is implemented with the participation of forest plot tenants, has proven its effectiveness. Forest users are ready to participate in forest management, subject to receiving clear guarantees from the state.

Large-scale forest management in Russia began in 2022, when powers in this area were transferred from the regional to the federal level. Having studied the experience of the Arkhangelsk region in applying the federal law aimed at centralizing powers for forest management, the relevant committee of the Federation Council will be able to recommend its replication to other regions of the country.