Prospects for cooperation between OPORA RUSSIA and the CWTO Committee (PRC)

On June 18, at the office of OPORA RUSSIA, a meeting was held between entrepreneurs of the business association, representatives of industry unions and associations working in the PRC with the Chairman of the International Economic and Trade Committee of the CWTO, Chen Yuantsai. The event was moderated by Sergei Borisov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OPORA RUSSIA. The Russian Timber Association was represented by its first vice-president Andrey Goncharov, who also heads the SUPPORT OF RUSSIA Commission on the forestry complex.

During the meeting, the parties discussed prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation and ways to improve relations between Russia and China in various fields. The question was also raised about creating a permanent exhibition zone where goods from both countries could be presented: Chinese goods in Moscow and Russian goods in Beijing. Representatives of industry associations also raised the topic of replacing sanctioned goods with goods of Chinese origin.

Andrey Goncharov, First Vice-President of the Russian Timber Association: “The Russian timber industry complex is adapting both to changes in sales markets and to changes in suppliers of equipment for the timber industry. In this matter, the help of Chinese colleagues from business associations can be very effective. Their knowledge of the Chinese market in terms of finding partners for the supply of alternative equipment from Chinese manufacturers can save time and resources for Russian companies."

To resolve such issues, OPORA RUSSIA proposed creating a platform for developing business relations between Russian and Chinese partners. On this platform it will be possible to search and check counterparties from both countries online. In addition, the meeting participants expressed a desire to create permanent platforms for demonstrating Chinese goods in Russia, and Russian goods in China. It was decided to start work by opening showrooms in Moscow and Beijing.