The winners of the «Responsible forest user» award in Tyumen were determined

The federal timber industry award «Russian Forest» in the nomination «Responsible forest user» received three companies from the Tyumen region. The award ceremony was held in the framework of the second stage of the National Forest Forum on April 12.

«Our association is a public organization. We consider it important to draw attention to the worthy enterprises of the forest industry. That is what our award is established for. Enterprises from the Tyumen region that have received the «Russian Forest» Award are distinguished by their responsible approach to work», - said Sergey Pakhalyuk, vice-president of the association, at the awarding ceremony.

Winning companies:

  1. LLC «Argo-LES», general director Zhbanov Yury Vladimirovich. Specializes in logging and lumber production.
  2. SP Mukhamedyarov Faruk Slavovich. Specializes in logging.
  3. LLC «Atlant-plus», director Viktor Goloshubin. Specializes in logging.

All winners meet strict selection criteria: the existence of existing lease agreements for forest areas, the absence of arrears in fees for the use of forests and the implementation of a plan for reforestation artificially. As for the last indicator, all companies have exceeded the plan in their areas.

LLC «Argo-LES» planted new trees on an area of 31 hectares with a planned figure of 25.76 hectares, individual entrepreneur Mukhamedyarov Faruk Slavovich 6.5 hectares (plan - 5 hectares), Atlant-plus LLC 8.9 hectares (plan - 8 hectares).

Recall that the association «Russian Forest» established the same name of the federal timber merchants in the nomination «Responsible forest user» to attract the attention of the public and industry participants to the issues of environmental, social, corporate responsibility of forest use.