«OPORA RUSSIA» and the Ministry of Digital Development discussed issues of IT support in small businesses

On February 17, the Presidium of the Board of OPORA RUSSIA and the NP OPORA Association held a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev and representatives of the department. The Russian Forest Association was represented by its first vice-president Andrey Goncharov.

The main topic was the discussion of IT issues and support measures important for the SME sector. Representatives of OPORA RUSSIA identified three main areas of work for the development of the SME sector:

  • development of digital services for business;
  • stimulating the digitalization of small businesses;
  • Increasing the share of small businesses in the IT sector.

Alexander Kalinin, President of OPORA RUSSIA and the NP OPORA Association: “The role of the SME sector is growing against the background of the transformation of the global economy, which opens up new opportunities, including for small businesses in the field of information technology. To be on the global agenda, we need modern software products that allow us to remove distances and barriers between us and foreign partners. Thanks to joint efforts with the Ministry of Digital Development, we want to bring the IT sector to a qualitatively new level, attracting more and more Russian citizens to SMEs and the IT sector”.

According to the results of the event, a protocol will be prepared and an action plan will be formed to address the issues raised.