The National Association «Russian Forest» congratulates Alexey Zhelneev on his birthday

On the birthday of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» President Alexey Zhelneyev, we wish our leader to always see new goals and find strength and motivation to get into them. Health and family well-being - let these words be in each congratulation, but this means only that this should be the most important for any person. Reliable, responsible and enterprising colleagues, loyal friends and infinitely happy relatives and friends. We want to be able to enjoy the little things and remember the eternal values. Eternal, like a Russian forest.

We know Alexey Alekseevich as a talented leader, a person who is able to give valuable advice, to show by example what serious work is and we are pleased that he begins another year of his life at the head of our team. And, if someone thinks that a birthday is a sad holiday, we know that we simply will not have time to be sad. But we will find time to rejoice and sincerely congratulate. Happy birthday, Alexey Alekseevich.