Measures to support wooden housing construction were discussed in the Federation Council

On February 20, a meeting of the working group of the Council on the development of the forestry complex of the Russian Federation under the Federation Council was held under the leadership of Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Yuri Vorobyov. The Russian Timber Association was represented at the meeting by its first vice-president, member of the Council Andrey Goncharov.

At the meeting, representatives of relevant federal and regional authorities, as well as business structures, discussed issues of development of wooden housing construction, many of which were included in the list of instructions of the President of Russia, given following the meeting in February 2023.

Yuri Vorobyov, Chairman of the Council for the Development of the Forestry Complex, Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council: “Wooden house construction as a product of deep wood processing is one of the main directions in solving the problems of developing the domestic market. In accordance with the recommendations of our Council, the development of housing construction is impossible without updating the regulatory framework in terms of fire safety and seismic resistance of wooden structures, without amending the legislation to allow the inclusion of wooden furniture in a shared construction participation agreement, without developing preferential mortgage programs for the construction of wooden houses produced by factory method, and the introduction of an escrow account mechanism for the construction of individual residential buildings made of wooden structures.".

During the meeting, participants assessed how these measures are being implemented, identified problematic issues and discussed ways to solve them. Part of the discussion was devoted to the development of proposals on the need for scientific research in the field of materials science, as well as a broad information campaign to popularize wooden house construction.

Based on the results of the meeting, a final decision will be formed within a week, the implementation of which will be monitored by interested parties by legislators within the Council for the Development of the Forestry Complex of the Russian Federation under the Federation Council.