The city of Ust-Kut takes part in the All-Russian competition

The city of Ust-Kut takes part in the All-Russian competition for the best projects to create a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements. The purpose of the competition is to support projects to create attractive public spaces that improve the quality of life and attract new visitors to the city. Every year, within the framework of the competition, winning projects are selected among cities from all over Russia and a federal grant is allocated for their implementation.

To participate in this competition, the city of Ust-Kut must choose a public area for improvement, which would be in demand among the city's residents and which can become a new public center or give an impetus to development for the surrounding territories. In the course of preliminary discussions with the townspeople, several city sites were put forward for consideration: the Lena River Embankment near the River Station, the Square in front of the Rechniki Palace of Culture, the site in Mostootryad, Domashny Island, Ust-Kut Sanatorium, Ski Base, Children's Camp «Seagull», park named after Zverev. Only three of the sites listed above meet the criteria of the competition. We invite you to vote on what area, in your opinion, needs to be improved within the framework of the competition: Take the survey!