Four investment projects for the development of the forestry complex were approved by Rosleskhoz in the first four months of 2024

In the first four months of 2024, Rosleskhoz approved four priority investment projects for the development of the timber industry - all of them are aimed at modernizing existing timber processing facilities.

Aleksey Abramov, head of the Federal State Forestry Supervision Department of Rosleskhoz: “In total, the Rosleskhoz commission has reviewed ten applications since the beginning of the year, six were sent for revision, four received a positive decision. The country's forestry complex is gradually adapting to new realities. The department supported changes to priority investment projects. First of all, this is necessary for the country’s timber industry to develop and increase the volume of wood products produced. In the new economic realities of the timber industry, the usual sales markets are changing to new ones, and the delivery time for equipment is increasing: companies are switching to domestic analogues. Our task is to support the forestry industry and, through joint efforts, adapt it to the changes taking place.”.

For the implementation of agreed investment projects, it is planned to allocate forest areas with an annual volume of timber harvesting of about 10 million m3. Modernization is planned to be carried out at enterprises located in the Arkhangelsk, Irkutsk regions and Krasnoyarsk Territory.