Association "Russian Forest" is involved in the development of a roadmap for the development of the forest industry

On December 2, the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation discussed the draft roadmap for the development of the forest industry and related industries in the Russian Federation in 2022–2025. The meeting was attended by heads of relevant authorities, owners and heads of companies in the forestry and related industries, experts and representatives of analytical and public structures.

Andrey Goncharov, First Vice-President of the Russian Forest Association: “This is a new format for developing proposals for stimulating and supporting the timber industry complex with the participation of business representatives, public organizations, and authorities. The roadmap was developed earlier in the strategic session, today it received additional peer review and analysis.”

The strategic session of the timber industry and related industries was held in Moscow on November 22-23 with the support of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian Food Policy and Nature Management. The main sections of the roadmap include the following areas:

  • Support logistic connectivity;
  • Support for a domestic logger and timber operator;
  • Financial support measures, tariffs and fees;
  • Economic measures to stimulate demand for wood processing and production products;
  • Environmental requirements;
  • Personnel training;
  • Legislative regulation of the market.

After finalization, the roadmap will be presented to Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Yuri Vorobyov at the Council for the Timber Complex.