The Russian Forest Association transferred to Krasnoyarsk a complex of wooden structures

The cedar complex located on the island of Tatyshev was transferred to the ownership of Krasnoyarsk.

The complex of wooden structures was built specifically for the Universiade by the winners of the Siberian Logger competition and belonged to the Russian Forest Association. The facilities are located in the western part of Tatyshev Park. It hosts dance rehearsals, yoga and music classes, as well as other city events. How the complex will function and whether it will remain in its former place is still being discussed.

«These are real works of art, and any work of art should be in good hands. If you don’t follow him, don’t service on time, don’t take care of him, in exactly three to five years it will fall apart or turn into rubbish that no one needs. And now these works of art have found their owners in the form of a “Center for the implementation of social projects”, which, besides leaving, will also add them to its concept of improvement and will use them to bring joy to us», — head of the Soviet district Dmitry Dmitriev said.