The «Russian Forest» Association begins the restoration of social facilities after flooding in the Irkutsk region

The National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» will help restore social facilities in cities and towns in the Irkutsk Region affected by the flood.

Element caused great damage to the social rehabilitation center for minors in Nizhneudinsk. This institution helps orphans, children left without parental care, children from poor families, families with adopted children and children with disabilities.

The flood destroyed the vegetable storage facility, the water carried away fences from children's playgrounds. Also requires the replacement of the floor of the main building and laundry room, needs repair basement.

Another institution - a center for helping children left without parental care in the city of Tulun, also needs to be repaired. There are 12 pavilions, storage facilities and a stage area damaged.

To restore the buildings and infrastructure of institutions, lumber is required: timber, picket fence, boards, plywood, slats. All this will provide the «Russian Forest» Association.

«We work systematically in the region, we conduct a large number of projects in the field of sports, education, medicine, improvement, improvement of social conditions in the areas of presence. We could not but respond to what happened in the Irkutsk region. The Association actively cooperates with the Ministry of Social Protection, Guardianship and Guardianship of the region, administrations of districts. First of all, we are trying to help socially unprotected people», — the Association President Alexei Zhelneyev said.

The flood in the Irkutsk region began in late June. In 107 settlements more than 10 thousand residential buildings were flooded, as well as 49 socially significant objects, over 11 thousand household plots and 48 sections of highways. In addition, 22 road bridges were damaged. In total, about 40 thousand people were affected by the flood. It was especially hard for residents of three districts: Tulunsky, Nizhneudinsky and Taishetsky. Today, the region has an emergency mode.

On the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Vitaly Mutko, a schedule of priority works was drawn up, according to which the main areas are the restoration of livelihoods and utilities infrastructure, water supply of municipalities, the definition of a list of social facilities for urgent repairs and construction.