55 million seedlings grown in the Irkutsk region in 2023

More than 12% of the forest reserves of the entire Russia are concentrated in the Irkutsk region; it is one of the main timber producing regions of the country. The region is also one of the leaders in reforestation: this year, local tree nurseries have grown almost 55 million seedlings, which is 10% more than last year.

Eduard Filippov, Deputy Minister of the Forestry Complex of the Irkutsk Region: “According to the results of the autumn inventory, 49 million 959.7 thousand pieces of standard planting material were grown in 2022; in 2023, cultivation increased by 4 million 643.41 thousand. pieces".

There are 59 forest nurseries in the region, including 11 greenhouse complexes that grow planting material with a closed root system (CRS) for reforestation. This is one of the most popular modern reforestation technologies; its advantages are lower seed consumption compared to other growing technologies, obtaining standard planting material in one growing season and the ability to plant throughout this entire period.

Members of the Russian Forest association also make their contribution to forest restoration. A tree nursery in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region, grows coniferous seedlings with ZKS. Current production volume is 5 million seedlings per year with the possibility of increasing to 15 million.

For 2023–2024, the Irkutsk region is not only fully provided with planting material for its own reforestation needs, but also supplies it to neighboring regions.