Forest conservation is one of the national development indicators of Russia until 2036

Last week, the President of Russia signed a decree outlining seven national development goals for the state. For each, indicators and tasks that must be completed to achieve them have been established.

One of the national development goals of the state concerns the environmental well-being of the country; a separate indicator for forest conservation is included.

Ivan Sovetnikov, head of Rosleskhoz: “The country's President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that defines the main milestones of the state's development for the next 12 years. Among them is the environmental well-being of the Russian Federation. Our task, as the main forestry department of the country, is to continue to preserve and increase the forests of Russia. To fulfill the tasks set by the head of state, in addition to increasing reforestation work, from 2025, when implementing the new federal project “Forest Conservation”, we plan to pay special attention to the care of forest crops and create favorable conditions for the reproduction of forest plantations through the development of forest seed production and forest nurseries ».

In Russia, for three years in a row, the area of restored forests exceeds the area of dead and cut down forests. In particular, this became possible thanks to the involvement of volunteers and concerned citizens in annual reforestation campaigns.