Competition "Siberian Lumberjack - 2024"

On June 7, the X Regional qualifying competition “Siberian Lumberjack - 2024” among forest industry professionals of the Krasnoyarsk Territory took place in Divnogorsk. The Russian Timber Association was represented by its vice-president Alexey Loginov.

The competition took place on the territory of the auto-tractor track of the Divnogorsk College of Forestry Technologies. The Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Territory, Alexey Panov, delivered a welcoming speech to the participants.

Forest industry professionals competed in three categories among teams from forestry enterprises in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Participants performed various tasks related to the ability to handle working tools and equipment.

Note that all competition tasks comply with international rules, and the competition itself is a qualifying stage for the all-Russian competition “Lumberjack”.

Results of the competition between fellers with hand-held power tools:

  • 1st place - Danila Kalugin, KGB POU "Divnogorsk College of Forestry Technologies";
  • 2nd place - Alexander Letyagin, KSAU "Forest Fire Center";
  • 3rd place - Ivan Burger, Yenisei DOK.

Results of the competition for forwarder forestry machine operators:

  • 1st place - Sergey Berezhnev, Kraslesinvest JSC;
  • 2nd place - Ildus Nigmatullin, Sibdrevo LLC;
  • 3rd place - Khurshedi Rahmon Saidzoda, IP Melikov D.U.

Results of the competition for harvester logging machine operators:

  • 1st place - Konstantin Katichev, Sibdrevo LLC;
  • 2nd place - Vladimir Shestakov, Kraslesinvest JSC;
  • 3rd place - Alexey Popov, Les LLC.

“Siberian Lumberjack” is a regional professional championship of forestry specialists, which is held by the Divnogorsk College of Forest Technologies together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Russian Timber Association acted as a partner of the event.