Wooden house construction in Russia - prospects for 2024

Wooden house construction has become an undeniable trend in recent years - analysts note a significant increase in demand for it in our country. The use of wood in house construction is becoming increasingly popular: in addition to environmental friendliness, the advantages include quick construction, significant earthquake resistance, a large selection of ready-made projects in various styles, high quality thermal insulation and long service life.

Multi-storey wooden housing construction in Russia has great prospects: they are due to its advantages over concrete, the development of the forestry complex in the country and the domestic market.

When making forecasts for 2024, experts note that the individual housing construction market will remain attractive, even despite the high key rate and rising prices for building materials. The private housing construction market in the Russian Federation is demonstrating steady growth and development prospects. Given current trends and government support, it is expected that demand for private housing will continue to strengthen until at least the middle of this year - this opens up new opportunities for both builders and buyers.

Among the various technologies of wooden house construction, the focus now is on houses made of CLT panels, which are characterized by minimal shrinkage, structural stability, construction speed and strength. This technology is perfect for the construction of both commercial buildings and residential buildings.

Based on the positive experience of wooden four-story buildings made of CLT panels commissioned in 2022 in Vologda, the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation is developing and implementing rules for the construction of wooden houses up to 12 floors. According to the department, such buildings have advantages over reinforced concrete ones - high speed of construction and energy efficiency.

According to Rosstat, the construction of wooden houses has been growing since 2019 and reached its peak in 2022. At the end of 2021, the volume of construction of such housing in the Russian Federation reached 10.8 million m², in 2022 - already 14.2 million m², while growth is observed faster than the market average. Although 2023 could not surpass the data of the previous year, wooden houses do not lose their relevance, and a decrease in demand for them is not predicted in 2024.