Firefighting volunteer training camps were held in Irkutsk region

On August 29, training camps for volunteers to extinguish fires were held on the banks of the Ushakovka River in the village of Pivovarikha, Irkutsk Region.

The organizers of the gatherings were the project «Cross Volunteering», «Forests of Siberia» and the company «Dikorosy», the new equipment was provided by the «Russian Forest» Association.

Participants were told about equipment that is used to extinguish fires. Then the volunteers carried out a reconnaissance and launched a quadrocopter into the air, with the help of which it is possible to plan further actions during fire fighting. Volunteers created mineralized stripes, tested motor pumps in the work, filled the Ermak satchels with water.

At the end of the training, it was necessary to pass a test - to detect and neutralize a smoke bomb in the forest.

- This year, the subject of fires in Siberia was especially acute: tens of thousands of hectares of forest burned. Not only special services fought the fires, but also ordinary citizens - volunteers who are not indifferent to the fate of our region. Therefore, we decided to help and provide the volunteers with the necessary modern extinguishing equipment. The Russian Forest Association will continue to pay attention and support such events, — vice president of the «Russian Forest» Association Margarita Lee said.