Business associations submitted their proposals to support the timber industry to the Government of the Russian Federation

The Government of the Russian Federation received proposals to support the timber industry, developed by the relevant committees and commissions of SUPPORT OF RUSSIA and «Delovaya Rossiya».

The SUPPORT OF RUSSIA Commission for the Timber Industry and Forestry is headed by Andrey Goncharov, First Vice President of the «Russian Forest» association.

«At present, timber merchants are most concerned about issues related to maintaining the efficiency of production, reorienting sales of finished products, developing new logistics routes and finding new sales markets. In many ways, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade contributes to the solution of these tasks, which has created an appropriate operational headquarters and keeps the issue under control», - Andrey Goncharov commented on the situation.

The shortage of containers and the exit from the market of large logistics players, combined with the suspension of international certificates FSC, PEFC, SBP, significantly complicate the sale of products to European markets and the North American market. The restrictions that have arisen in the export of products are forcing us to look for new routes and methods of delivery, to reorient flows to the Asian region, primarily to China, where most of the woodworking products are already shipped.