Association "Russian Forest" took part in the off-site meeting of the Expert advisory council for the forest complex

Today in Krasnoyarsk, under the leadership of Senator Tatyana Gigel, an off-site meeting of the Expert Advisory Council for the Forestry Complex under the Federation Council was held. The Russian Forest Association is represented in the Council and at the meeting by First Vice-President Andrey Goncharov.

Participants discussed issues of federal forest management and improvement of forest accounting. Representatives of Roslesinforg made presentations on the federalization of forest management (recall that on January 1, 2022, the law on federal forest management came into force, which redistributed forest management powers from the regional to the federal level).

In the same year, the Ministry of Justice registered a new procedure for conducting a state inventory of forests: for the first time, it will be carried out on agricultural land overgrown with forests (previously, a separate detailed inventory of these forests was not kept).

Andrey Goncharov, First Vice-President of the Russian Forest Association: “One of the main tasks of the forest complex is to obtain reliable and timely information about forest resources, their quantitative and qualitative characteristics, as well as the economic assessment of such resources. In this direction, there are enough questions that the authorities will have to solve in cooperation with science and business.”