On June 25, 2018 in Khabarovsk, the third stage of the National Forest Forum was completed. The forum was organized under the auspices of the State Duma of the Russian Federation with the support of the Federal Forestry Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, and the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory.

The National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» traditionally took part in the work of Site No. 1 «The Forest Complex of Russia». The representative of the Association, Igor Novoselov, prepared a report on the necessary steps to revive the national branch forest industry science.

After the collapse of the USSR, due to insufficient funding, the main branch institutes of the forestry complex, the Central Research Institute of Forest Industry Mechanization and Energy and its branches Irkutsk and Kavkazsky (the city of Krasnodar specializing in mountain logging), zonal institutes ceased to exist. forest industry: KARIILP (Petrazavodsk), SevNIILP (Arkhangelsk), KirNIILP (Kirov), KomiGiproNIIlesprom (Syktyvkar), SNILP (Yekaterinburg), DalNIILP (Khabarovsk), «Central Normally the research institute of mechanical wood processing» (Arkhangelsk), «Central Research Institute of Forest Chemistry» (Nizhny Novgorod), the central institutions of the pulp and paper industry.

The lag of forestry science in Russia from world leaders is decades. Since 1990, the financing of sectoral science has decreased by 16 times, the number of researchers has decreased by more than 50 times. Low pay for research workers led to an outflow of young people from scientific institutions and a loss of interest in the scientific field. The natural decline of the older generation has led to a generation gap and seriously complicates the training of new generations of scientific workers. Low wages and disregard for the work of scientists from the government led to an outflow of personnel and lack of interest of talented young people to go into this area of activity.

«One of the reasons for the failure of the Strategy for the Development of the Forestry Complex for the Period up to 2020, in our opinion, is the underestimation of the role of forest science, the cost of which is about 0.001% of GDP, - noted Igor Novosyolov in his report. - The contribution of the forestry complex to the country's GDP has decreased 3.5 times since 1990. In such conditions, the program of import substitution, the course for which the Government of Russia took in 2014, does not work in the Russian timber industry complex. Successful implementation of the «Strategy 2030» without the restoration of forest science and forest engineering is impossible. Therefore, the primary task in implementing the “Strategy 2030” is the need to restore science in the forestry complex.

With chagrin, we see that science is almost completely eliminated in the Russian forestry complex, - said Igor Novoselov. So far, neither the state nor the private business, unfortunately, are not interested in its restoration. Now in Russia almost all modern developments, equipment, machines, equipment, technologies, engineering, consulting are imported from abroad. Therefore, one of the measures we are proposing on the road to reviving the Russian forest industry is the establishment of the Innovative Research Fund of the Forest Industry Complex of Russia, which will bring together existing scientific personnel, will attract and train the young generation of specialists, restoring the scientific potential of the forest industry.

The founders of the Fund could be both state structures and state corporations: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rostec, VEB, and the private forest business on an equal footing. We realize that the process of restoring the science of the forestry complex in Russia can take more than a dozen, but we are sure that in order to achieve a breakthrough in the forestry complex and remain competitive in world markets, it is necessary to revive and develop the scientific potential of the forest industry in our country, consolidating efforts».

The proposals of the Association for the Restoration of Science in the Forest Industry Complex in Russia have been submitted to form the final resolution of the Forum.