July 15-16, the fourth stage of the National Forest Forum was held in the capital of the Altai Territory. With a report on “Efficient utilization of wood waste.The presentation of the biofuel boiler house in Ust-Kut» was made by the representative of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» Viktor Mukorez.

In his report, Victor Mukorez noted that the development of forest bioenergy is one of the most important areas of modernization and intensification of the Russian forestry complex, which is based on the processing of forest biomass consisting of illiquid low-grade wood, logging waste and sawmill into sources of environmentally safe energy. Thermal and electrical energy generated at TPS using wood fuel is 2–3 times cheaper than current network tariffs. In places where there is no centralized power supply, the own energy can be cheaper than the purchased one by 4-6 times. Thus, the transfer of local boiler houses to the production of energy from woody biomass is a powerful factor in increasing the efficiency of the forest sector, which forms a sustainable environmental security of Russia's regions.

The National Forest Forum is a discussion platform that receives representatives of the federal and regional legislature to discuss the prospects for the development of the forest industry in the field, taking into account the specifics of each individual region.