On June 29 in the city of Ust-Kut, the Irkutsk Region, there was a presentation of a multifunctional sports ground and a park area. Both projects are implemented in the framework of the municipal-private partnership between the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» and the administrations of the city and region.

The sports ground will appear in the «Molodyozhny» microdistrict, where in recent years 13 new apartment buildings have been built up to the existing ones. At the same time, the sports infrastructure turned out to be completely undeveloped - the guys have to travel to other parts of the city. At the new site, young people and teenagers will be able to play mini-football, volleyball, basketball and other sports in the area in the open air. The facility will be built according to all modern safety requirements: 4-meter fencing, rubber seamless coating, cantilever lighting and so on.

«It’s important that the younger generation always have a choice. Opening this platform, we give teenagers a healthy alternative to gadgets, TV and bad habits - this is sport, self-development and communication with the same passionate peers», — vice president of the «Russian Forest» Association Margarita Lee said.

The second object is the improvement of the park area of Kirov Street on an area of 2.71 hectares. By the current moment a large amount of work has been done - communications have been carried out, video surveillance, fencing, a playground have been mounted, benches, bins, a bicycle parking have been purchased. By the end of the year, there will also be pedestrian and bicycle lanes, a small sports ground, a streetball ground and another playground for older children.

«We consider the development of the territory of presence of timber industry enterprises to be our priority. It is important for us to invest in creating comfortable living conditions for citizens, so we are always happy to support projects aimed at developing the social sphere, sporting achievements, and improving the urban environment», — Margarita Lee concluded.