Alexey Zhelneyev, Vice-President of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest», took part in the round table.

The meeting was held by a member of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, the chairman of the Expert Advisory Council on Forestry, Tatiana Gigel.

The parliamentarian stressed that Russia is one of the world's largest loggers, the country produces more than 200 million cubic meters of timber annually. «Today, the problems of the development of the forest industry are of genuine interest», - she said. - Nevertheless, despite the steady growth in production volumes in the timber industry complex, the industry’s contribution to the economy is insufficient».

The participants of the «round table» noted that the draft Strategy for the Development of the Timber Industry Complex up to 2030 requires revision, since it did not include important areas of the industry. In particular, we are talking about the development of the logging industry, industry science and domestic engineering. First of all, comprehensive measures are needed to ensure the development of the logging industry as the basic industry of the entire forestry complex.

The state support of the sectoral scientific and technical sphere and innovation activity, the development of a financial leasing system for the domestic machine-building sector and equipment used in the forestry complex, as well as the introduction of resource and energy saving technologies are extremely important.