At SibEcoProm-2017, the results of environmental activities were held in the framework of the Year of Ecology.

On November 23, 2017, the II Siberian Ecological-Industrial Forum «Sibecoprom-2017» was held at the Novosibirsk Expo Center. It was attended by representatives of regional authorities, science, business, senators, State Duma deputies, experts and social activists. The event was organized by the Foundation for the Protection of Nature and the Environment «Green Standard».

The National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» took part in the plenary session on the theme «The results of the Year of the Environment in Siberia. The formation of a sustainable environmental policy» and in the round table «The development of a "green economy" and the formation of the environmental safety of the regions».

A report on the topic «Development of bioenergy on wood - the basis of the ecological safety of forest regions» was made by the secretary of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» Igor Novosyolov.

In the report, Igor Novoselov spoke about a concrete practical example of how the consolidation of forest industry participants helped to solve the most important environmental problem at the regional level, simultaneously forming the foundation for the further development of the region's green economy. Thanks to the joint efforts, partnership and strategic agreements of the participants of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» in 2014, it was decided to implement a large-scale investment project - the construction of plants for the production of wood pellets at the sites of the LDK Igirma sawmills in the village of New Igirma and Trans-Siberian Forest Company in Ust Kut with a total capacity of 180 thousand tons per year.

The volume of recycled wood waste is 496 thousand cubic meters per year. Every year sawmills, which are part of the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest», produce more than 1 million bulk cubic meters of chips, sawdust and bark, 30% of which is used to produce heat energy at factory and municipal boiler houses, 43% is the raw material for the production of pellets , 27% - supplied to the pulp and paper mill of the Irkutsk region.

Now 100% of the obtained sawmill by-products is processed.