A mini PPM will appear in Irkutsk region

Mini-pulp and paper mills with a production capacity of up to 36 thousand tons per year will be built at enterprises belonging to the National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest». The cost of implementing one project will be $22 million, the vice-president of the association Margarita Lee said at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

According to her, the construction and launch of the «Mini Pulp and Paper Mill» (Mini PPM) in the immediate vicinity of wood processing will not depend on the needs and plans of existing pulp and paper mills, which are one of the main consumers of wood chips. It will be possible to independently resolve the issue of utilization of wood waste in an economically feasible way, through the production of pulp and paperboard - high value-added products that have a huge demand in the global and domestic markets.

The design period of the «Mini Pulp and Paper Mill» is 9 months, the construction period is 1 year. The project can be implemented within two years and earn at full capacity within three years.

«First of all, the Mini PPM project allows to solve the issue of wood processing waste disposal, which today is highly relevant and even painful for almost all woodworking enterprises. The plant itself is a fairly environmentally friendly production. The capacity of 36 thousand tons allows you to avoid the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which give a large pulp and paper mill, as well as use a closed water supply system. The developed model «Mini Pulp and Paper Mill» uses the technology of bisulfite cooking without the use of bleaching with evaporation, drying of black liquor and obtaining lignosulfonates», — notes Margarita Lee.

According to Margarita Lee, vice-president of the Russian Forest Association, today having huge reserves of the forest fund (25%), Russia is only 8th in the world in pulp production. At the same time, the need for pulp has been growing over the past 15 years.

«The global demand for the pulp and paper industry is 440 million tons. By 2030, it is expected to increase by 30% to 572 million tons. Cellulose, cardboard, paper - products with high margins and competitiveness in the global market. The new project "Mini Pulp and Paper Mill», implemented at each timber processing plant, will not only increase production and export volumes, its share in the domestic market as part of import substitution programs, but also solve the issue of wood waste disposal and even to some extent eliminate the urgent need for construction new large PPMs, which have a number of negative environmental consequences and require large investments», — said Margarita Lee, vice-president of the «Russian Forest» Association.