Timofey Kurgin, the founder of the «Russian Forest» Association, allocated ten million rubles for the purchase of equipment in the Irkutsk regional hospital. Equipment is needed for the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus. The number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus in the world is growing every day. At the moment, 117 thousand cases of infection have been identified, more than four thousand people have died.


“Business should be responsible, it must work closely with government, responding to the needs of society. I hope that this will serve as an example for business structures in Siberia and other regions. Since I have a lot in common with Irkutsk, I and my like-minded people are not indifferent to the situation in the region and - importantly - I know that Irkutsk has a serious working relationship with China, where, unfortunately, the first outbreak was infected, - Kurgin said.


After consultations with the Ministry of Health of the Irkutsk Region, two video gastroscopes, a video colonoscope, a video bronchoscope and bronchoscopes were purchased for the Irkutsk regional hospital. The amount of ten million rubles covered not only the costs of acquiring equipment, but also the installation, configuration, commissioning of the equipment, staff training and warranty service.