Alexey Zhelneyev, President of the «RUSSIAN FOREST» Association

In November 2018, the specialized journal of the forest complex «Forestry Complex of Siberia» in the latest issue No. 4/2018 published a material about the National Association of Timber Industry «RUSSIAN FOREST».

The National Association of Timber Industry «RUSSIAN FOREST» unites leading Russian companies in the field of logging, processing, logistics and marketing of timber. The enterprises that make up the association successfully employ more than 3,000 people.

The «RUSSIAN FOREST» Association sees as its strategic goal the active development of the timber processing sector and its raw material base in the Russian Federation. The Association makes its proposals to the legislative authorities, thereby facilitating the emergence of legislative initiatives that would contribute to more intensive and effective development of the industry. The members of the association «RUSSIAN FOREST» are working together to promote the products of Russian wood processors in foreign markets. «There are acute and problematic issues that prevent the development of the timber industry in our country in full force. However, as we know, problems exist everywhere, in any industries. The task of an effective business is to, together with the most progressive market players, make our industry more efficient, more successful, more socially oriented. We develop proposals for legislators, take part in expert discussions, help enterprises in the development of investment projects, participate in the development of concepts for the development of the forest industry in the regions. In all this we see the guarantee of future successful development for the years ahead. We are interested in the emergence of those positive changes that will significantly increase the effectiveness of the development of the timber industry in Russia», — said Alexei Zhelneyev, President of the National Association of Timber Industry.

The total area of leased forest areas of enterprises belonging to the Association is 2.6 million hectares. The products of the enterprises-participants of the Association traditionally occupy leading positions on the markets of Japan, China, are widely in demand in Europe and the CIS countries.

The strategic goal of the «RUSSIAN FOREST» association is the active development of the timber processing sector and its raw material base in the Russian Federation.

The Association is actively working to develop an effective position of the business community on industry-wide issues, preparing recommendations for improving the legislative framework.

Enterprises belonging to the «RUSSIAN FOREST» association are large taxpayers in their territories. Provide ongoing financial and organizational support to municipalities and non-profit organizations. In addition, the Association develops sports infrastructure in cities, conducts master classes and tournaments, and also assists in the preparation of promising young athletes.

The «RUSSIAN FOREST» association provides targeted material support to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and provides them with additional medical care. At the same time, considerable attention is paid to the social life of veterans. For them, special meetings, thematic tours of museums.

President of the National Association of Timber Industry «RUSSIAN FOREST» Alexey Zhelneyev is sure that the main resource of the Russian timber industry complex is people: «We cannot imagine ourselves without the development of the territories in which we operate. Our main resource is people. They must live and work in favorable conditions that meet modern requirements. We actively support sporting events and individual young athletes. Sport is the formation of character for life. The desire to achieve success. I would be very happy if one of our sponsored children achieved serious results in amateur or professional sports. You can’t ignore our veterans. We are involved in their lives, we are attentive to them. Our social responsibility is to support children left without parental care. Many companies now began to support orphanages. I am glad that such a trend has appeared».





The «RUSSIAN FOREST» Association provides comprehensive assistance to voluntary and volunteer initiatives in reforestation, prevention and elimination of forest fires. «Last year, forest renewal activities in the Irkutsk region were carried out on an area of 11,000 hectares. In 2017, in the four districts of the Irkutsk region, thanks to the efforts of members of our organization, volunteers and volunteers, 14 forest fires out of 42 registered in 8 districts were extinguished and extinguished. I am sure that the issue of reforestation, protection and fire fighting is our direct responsibility», — emphasizes the President of the «RUSSIAN FOREST» Association.


As summarized by Aleksey Zhelneyev, the basics of work in the Association is a professional approach to solving actual problems, mutual trust, and high social responsibility to people.

Magazine «LPK Siberia» №4 / 2018