The development of the Russian forestry sector without regard to the environmental situation in the country is no longer possible. It's not just about the social responsibility of business, but also about the finiteness of resources. Therefore, the emergence and large-scale implementation of the national project «Ecology» is seen in this light as quite logical. Within the framework of the national project, there is a program directly related to our industry – «Forest conservation». In accordance with it, by 2024, there should be a balance of retirement and reproduction of forests. In particular, the ratio of reforestation and afforestation to the area of felled and dead forest stands should be 100%. It is planned to achieve such results, including by amending the legislation.

For example, in 2019, in this context, we are interested in two points:

1. On January 1, amendments to the Forest Code of Russia and separate legislative acts regarding the improvement of forest reproduction and afforestation came into force.

What does this mean for business?

Now, on the area equal to the area of felled forest, the business must restore the forest no later than one year after logging.

2. On June 1, the law on the gratuitous use of a forest plot will come into force.

What does this mean for business?

The concept of a standard contract appears. The document will be for 5 years without bidding. It is intended to expand the possibilities of using forests for the purposes of subsoil use. The model contract thus includes the protection, protection and reproduction of forests.

Recall that the national project «Ecology» includes 11 federal projects. And, as can be seen only by the example of one of them, concerning the forestry industry, in Russia today much is being done to protect the environment and to involve business in this process. We all understand that a qualitative leap in the development of the country's economy is possible only in the case of a change in the consumerism paradigm of creation, in which everyone participates - the state, business, and the public.