Effective forest management in the Udmurt Republic was discussed at a meeting in the regional government. The head of the republic’s government, Yaroslav Semenov, noted that it is necessary to set priorities and build a chain of forest management aimed at improving the state’s economy. This is the only way to achieve high results and become a center for deep processing of not only wood, but also other forest resources.

«The concept of development of forestry and forest industry of the Udmurt Republic for the period 2019-2030» was presented by the representative of the «Russian Forest» Valentin Bogomolov. Note that this document defines the main vectors of development of the forest industry in the region for the next decade. The draft Concept has gone through several stages of public discussion.

As noted by Valentin Bogomolov, the document aims to increase the volume of harvesting and deep processing of wood, as well as the volume of collection and processing of non-timber and food forest resources. But this requires the development of transport and logistics infrastructure of Udmurtia. One of the solutions is the creation of a logistics center for timber transportation along the Kama-Caspian-Asia route on the basis of the Kambarka port. There is already all the necessary infrastructure. In addition, the port is located near the «Sarapul», where there is a special legal regime for enterprises engaged in sawing, planing of wood, as well as the production of wood products. The concept also suggests that by 2030, sales of unprocessed timber will decrease by more than 90%. This corresponds to the target vision of the Udmurt Republic as a center for deep processing of wood.

Yaroslav Semenov thanked all the participants in the development of the Concept and instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources of Udmurtia to begin its implementation this year.

Alexander Dobrokhotov, Vice-President for Legal Affairs of the «Russian Forest» National Association of Timber Industry, also addressed the meeting. He spoke about the development plans of the Association for 2019.