This year, under the auspices of the State Duma and with the support of the Federal Forestry Agency, the National Forest Forum was held in five federal districts, organized with the assistance of the Russian Association of Timber Industrialists, Russian Forest, which brought together more than 1,500 participants from 70 regions of Russia.

From the very first stage, the Forum became popular and brought together representatives of all parties interested in the efficient use of forests as Russia's national wealth, including representatives of the timber industry, legislative and executive authorities, representatives of regions and municipalities.

Already, it is possible to formulate the main problems voiced by the forum participants:

  • Provision of relevant materials of forest management in our country.

  • Improvement of reforestation and afforestation.

  • Potential to improve the efficiency of use of leased forest areas.

  • The development of the domestic market of wood waste and the conditions for effective integrated use of wood waste in production and for heating.

  • The level of profitability of forestry and raw materials export of forest products.

  • Barriers to the creation of forestry clusters, uniting enterprises on the principles of industrial cooperation between its members

  • Internationally recognized Russian certification systems for forestry products

  • The slow development of the sphere of wooden housing.

  • Lack of effective mechanisms to support bona fide forest users and workable criteria of good faith.

September 14, 2018 in the State Duma under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation V. V. Volodin enlarged parliamentary hearings will be held on the topic: «Problems and prospects of legislative regulation of the multi-purpose use of forest resources», at which they will discuss, including problems raised at the stages of the National Forest Forum.

The National Association of Timber Industry «Russian Forest» will present the position of the professional community at the Parliamentary hearings, and in the near future, with the support of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations and the Federal Forestry Agency, plans to hold a series of events aimed at improving the legislation of the Russian Federation.

We invite all interested to participate in the Parliamentary hearings on September 14.