The position of the Association on the issue of private forest ownership

On March 18, parliamentary hearings were held in the State Duma on the topic «Can a Russian forest be private?». The organizer of the event is the Committee for Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations.

Andrey Goncharov, vice-president of the «Russian Forest» Association, noted in his report that the mechanism of private ownership of forests must first be regulated on agricultural land. The main task is not to unnecessarily tighten the legislation in this area, since forested agricultural lands, along with forest lands, can and should be used, including for the creation of carbon polygons. This will have a positive effect on our country's implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Currently, the lessee of the forest plot has the right to lease the forest for 49 years, as well as to prolong such an agreement for a new term, subject to the requirements of forest legislation.

In many countries there is private ownership of forest land. However, it is necessary to determine what tasks will be solved by the introduction of the institution of private property for Russian forests. In particular, how will citizens' access to such territories be regulated.

Of course, there is a positive aspect of the introduction of private ownership of forest plots for timber industry: at least, such plots could provide credit loans, as well as more intensively create forest infrastructure, in particular forest roads. But first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to popularizing the principle of responsible forest management. It is the high level of business consciousness that will ensure the effective use of the forest fund when making decisions at the legislative level. In this direction, the Association expresses its readiness to join forces with other market participants and work for a result.